Tezro Workstation Overview

NOTE: created from reading the manual available on techpubs, I don't know the following: is the external SCSI port on the same bus as the internal disks, is the soldered lithium battery going to be a problem in 'several' years time, can the system run as a dual-user system - like Octane CADduo/powerduo, with the second IOC9 card can an additional IDE DVD-ROM drive be used .....

The following is a basic Overview of the Tezro rackmountable workstation.

Size / Physical

The Tezro workstation consists of either one or two enclosures, each is 2U in height, the first enclosure contains CPU's and the second enclosure is for I/O and memory only.

CPU / Memory

The maximum CPU capacity is 4xR16000 CPU's @ ???MHz (IP53) (CPU's are only present in the first enclosure)
With one enclosure the maximum memory is 8GB, with two enclosures the maximum becomes 16GB (no more CPU's can be added with the additional enclosure)


The first enclosure can contain two disks, one of which will be the system disk, with a second enclosure and an additional IOC9 card two more internal disks can be added

The disks are connected to an Ultra 160 SCSI bus.

A VHDCI connector is on the back for additional SCSI devices


There is an internal IDE DVD-ROM in the first enclosure.


The Tezro has VPro graphics, however it appears to differ from the Octane VPro graphics in that it appears to support the standard 1280x1024@72/76Hz, the graphics connector is a DVI-I connector with Analog RGB and TMDS video.



PCI: The PCI slots can take 33/66 MHz PCI and 66/100/133MHz PCI-X cards

The main enclosure has two PCI busses with two PCI connectors on each, one of the connectors is used by the IOC9 card.

The expansion enclosure adds an additional two PCI busses, each with two PCI connectors.

The total PCI I/O connectors free are 7, 3 in the first enclosure and 4 in the second expansion enclosure (unless an additional IOC9 card is added to the second enclosure)

NOTE: one (or two if an additional IOC9 card is used) of the PCI connectors share the bus with the IOC9 card - this card needs to be able to run at 66MHz otherwise it will slow down the IOC9, if a faster card is inserted it will be forced down to 66MHz.

Available Expansion


SCSI: Dual-port Ultra3 LVD
Fibrechannel: Single-port 1Gbit (copper or fibre)
Fibrechannel: Single and dual port 2Gbit (optical)
Network: 33 and 66MHz 64-bit single-port ATM boards
Network: 1-port copper gigabit Ethernet adaptor
Network: 1-port 1000BaseSX gigabit Ethernet adaptor
Network: 66MHz, 64-bit Myrinet NIC
Media: DM8 Audio I/O PCI option
Media: DM9 Professional Audio I/O option
Media: DM10 IEEE1394 Digital Audio/Video (Firewire)
Media: DM13 High-definition and Standard-definition video I/O option.


VPro: Additional graphics card in second enclosure
VPro: optional dual-channel display daughterboard

Other Ports

Console port
3 x Serial ports
Ethernet Port 1000/100/10Mbits
NUMAlink connector (to link to second enclosure)
Real-time interrupt input
Real-time interrupt output