'Look, we're on the box'

(Article Precis, 26/Sep/1998, Issue 2153, p16)
Barry Fox reports on a new chip, made by C-Cube Microsystems, that will allow broadcasters to edit, mix and broadcast material from camcorders with material created by broadcasters which is in a different format, thus enabling easier use of amateur material.

Because camcorders use a 25Mbit/sec digital video (DV) format while broadcasters use 50MBit/sec MPEG-2, it hasn't been possible to easily combine material from these two incompatible formats until now. The new chip, called C-Cube, can convert these different types of data to/from MPEG-2 in real-time, allowing one to properly combine and edit the different formats for broadcast.

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Precised by Ian Mapleson, 04/Oct/1998.