SGI Performance Comparisons

Archiving the default 6.5 filesystem to DAT

Last Change: 08/May/2008

These results, given in Table 26 below, are really just for reference, but they are interesting in that the figures are higher than those in Table 24. This is probably because the filesystem as a whole contains many large files which causes much less overhead, averaging out those parts of the filesystem which contain lots of small files, most of which I suspect reside in /usr/share.

Again, it's the transfer rate that is important (default installation sizes vary between systems), but times are included for reference.

                        Rate      Time       Size
                       (K/sec)   (mm:ss)     (K)

O2 R5000SC/200:         1438      09:05     783820
Indigo2 R4400SC/250:    1369      09:21     768009
Indy R4400SC/200:        947      12:41     720853
Indy R4600PC/133:        682      17:39     721792
Indy R4600PC/100:        676      17:48     721792

Table 26: DDS1 vs. DDS3 performance for archiving
     the entire default 6.5 filesystem to DAT