SGI Performance Comparisons

GIMP V1.0.4: Script-Fu->Decor->Circuit

Last Change: 08/May/2008

See Imaging Test 1 for an introduction into the nature of these tests, their purpose, rationale, terms and definitions, etc.

This test is a TYPE B test.

How to run the test: first download and install GIMP V1.0.4 if you don't already have it (NB: this test uses V1.0.4; the latest version can be downloaded from the main GIMP site). Run GIMP, select 'New' from the File menu, change the image size to 1024 by 1024 and click on OK. An empty image window will appear. Using the mouse right button, bring up the main menu and select Script-Fu, then Decor, then Circuit. A settings panel will appear. Do not change the default settings. With your stop watch ready, click on OK and start the timing.

If you're using an older system, be prepared to wait a long time for this test to finish.

Test Results

                        Clock        Total Time
  System        CPU     Speed  L2     (mm:ss)

  Fuel        R16000SC   700   4MB     00:42    [hinv]
  Octane      R12000SC   400   2MB     01:11    [hinv]
  O2          R12000SC   300   1MB     01:49    [hinv]
  Onyx2       R10000SC   250   4MB     01:50    [hinv]
  O2          R12000SC   270   1MB     01:59    [hinv]
  Indigo2     R10000SC   195   1MB     02:24    [hinv]
  Origin200   R10000SC   180   1MB     02:40    [hinv]
  Indigo2     R10000SC   175   1MB     02:52    [hinv]
  O2          R5200SC    300   1MB     03:21    [hinv]
  O2          R5000SC    200   1MB     03:56    [hinv]
  Indy        R5000SC    180   512K    04:09    [hinv]
  O2          R5000SC    180   512K    04:12    [hinv]
  Indigo2     R4400SC    250   2MB     04:27    [hinv]
  Indy        R5000SC    150   512K    05:11    [hinv]
  Indy        R5000PC    150    -      05:13    [hinv]
  Indy        R4400SC    200   1MB     05:24    [hinv]
  Indigo2     R4400SC    200   1MB     05:26    [hinv]
  Indy        R4600SC    133   512K    06:10    [hinv]
  Indigo2     R4400SC    150   1MB     07:10    [hinv]
  Indigo      R4400SC    150   1MB     07:22    [hinv]
  Indy        R4600PC    133    -        ?
  Indy        R4600PC    100    -        ?
  Indigo2     R4000SC    100   1MB       ?
  Indy        R4000SC    100   1MB       ?
  Indigo      R4000SC    100   1MB     11:32    [hinv]

        Table 39: GIMP V1.0.4 Image Processing Test No. 3
            Script-Fu/Decor/Circuit, 1024 x 1024 image
If you happen to be someone who can run this test yourself, I would be most interested in the results of other systems like Octane, Onyx, Onyx2, etc.