SGI Performance Comparisons

Installing Near-identical Selections From All Other 6.5 CDs

Last Change: 08/May/2008

Table 6 shows the time taken to install everything else, which includes more-or-less identical selections from Foundation 1, Foundation 2, Applications, Development Foundation, Development Libraries, NFS, Varsity (Aug98), MIPS Pro Compiler Patches and Cosmo Suite. CDROMs used were 12X for O2, 32X CDROM for Indy and Indigo2 (one can extrapolate times for a 2X CDROM from Table 1 and Table 2). Times are in hours, minutes and seconds (note that these times do not include the human element of swapping the CDs, selecting the products to install with the mouse, etc.)
                   CD     Total
                   ROM    Time

O2 R5000SC/200:    12    1:16:50
I2 R4400SC/250:    32    1:16:00
Indy R4400SC/200:  32    1:26:20
Indy R4600PC/133:  32    2:06:10
Indy R4600PC/100:  32    2:26:14

Table 6: Installing All Other CDs