SGI Performance Comparisons

Movie Data Conversion Test 2

Last Change: 29/Oct/2010

Time to convert 11.4 seconds of half-size-PAL MJPEG-A to quarter-size MJPEG-A with mediaconvert (minutes and seconds).

As of 05/Aug/09 I am using the command line dmconvert to run this test, to attain better accuracy. Over time I'll rerun the test on all systems in the same way. Old data are those without the sub-second timings. The conversion command used is:

  timex dmconvert -vf qt -p audio -p video,rate=25,size=184x144,comp=qt_mjpega,il=odd,squal=0.95,tqual=0.75

Note that if a result seems oddly out of order (eg. R5K/200 O2), it's usually because the OS version is different, ie. changes made to dmconvert/mediaconvert can affect performance. Disk speed may also be relevant, though whenever possible I run the test using a Seagate ST336704LCV 36GB 10K. Eventually I'll rerun all the tests to use the same type of disk.

                                     OS      Disk Ref

    Tezro R16000 1GHz 16MB L2:         0:08.70     6.5.26m        1
6.5 Fuel R16000 900MHz 8MB L2:         0:09.42     6.5.26m        1
6.5 Fuel R16000 800MHz 4MB L2:         0:10.89     6.5.26m        1 
    Origin350 R16000 700MHz 4MB L2:    0:12.39     6.5.26f        2
6.5 Tezro R16000 700MHz 4MB L2:        0:12
6.5 Fuel R16000 700MHz 4MB L2:         0:12
    Fuel R14000 600MHz 4MB L2:         0:14.31     6.5.26m        1
6.5 Fuel R14000 500MHz 2MB L2:         0:19
6.5 Octane R12000 400MHz 2MB L2:       0:22
    Octane R12000 350MHz 1MB L2:       0:26.88     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R12000 400MHz 2MB L2:           0:26.60     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R7000 600MHz 256K/1MB L2/L3:    0:33.42     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R12000 300MHz 1MB L2 (mod):     0:36.69     6.5.26m        1    (CPU mod, 300 core from Octane into a 250 module, clock changed to match)
    O2 R12000 300MHz 1MB L2:           0:36.87     6.5.26m        1
6.5 Octane R10000 250MHz 1MB L2:       0:38
    O2 R12000 250MHz 1MB L2:           0:39.33     6.5.26m        1    (CPU mod, 300 core from Octane into a 250 module, clock still at 250)
    O2 R12000 270MHz 1MB L2:           0:39.59     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R10000 250MHz 1MB L2:           0:40.38     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R7000 350MHz 256K/1MB L2/L3:    0:42.15     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R10000 225MHz 1MB L2:           0:43.23     6.5.26m        1
6.5 Origin200 R10000 180MHz 1MB L2:    0:46
    O2 R10000 195MHz 1MB L2:           0:45.27     6.5.26m        1
6.5 Indigo2 R10000 175MHz 1MB L2:      0:47
6.5 Octane R10000 195MHz 1MB L2:       0:50
    O2 R5200SC 300MHz 1MB L2:          0:49.86     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R10000 175MHz 1MB L2:           0:58.02     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R10000 150MHz 1MB L2:           1:03.49     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R5000SC 200MHz 1MB L2:          1:03.77     6.5.26m        1
    O2 R5000SC 180MHz 512K L2:         1:13.91     6.5.26m        1
6.3 O2 R5000SC 200MHz 1MB L2:          1:25
    O2 R5000PC 180MHz:                 1:25.15     6.5.26m        1
    Onyx R4400SC 250MHz 4MB L2:        1:32.78     6.5.22m        1
6.5 Indigo2 R4400SC 250MHz 2MB L2:     1:42.29     6.5.22m        1
6.5 Indigo2 R4400SC 200MHz 2MB L2:     1:56.44     6.5.22m        1
6.5 Indigo2 R4400SC 200MHz 1MB L2:     2:00
6.5 Indy R5000SC 180MHz 512K L2:       2:01
6.5 Indy R4400SC 200MHz 1MB L2:        2:11
6.5 Indy R5000SC 150MHz 512K L2:       2:13
6.5 Indy R5000PC 150MHz:               2:29
6.5 Indigo2 R4400SC 150MHz 1MB L2:     2:45
6.5 Indy R4600SC 133MHz 512K L2:       2:54
6.5 Indy R4600PC 133MHz:               3:33
6.5 Indy R4600PC 100MHz:               4:12
6.5 Indigo R4000SC 100MHz 1MB L2:      4:35

                Table 9

Disk Refs:

[1] Seagate 1" ST336704LCV 36GB 10K SCA
[2] COMPAQ 1" BD1468A4B5 146GB 10K SCA

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