Flame 9.5.14 (HD Tests)
Inventor 3D (single-buff)
SGI Blender Rendering
C-Ray Raytracing Test
Alias V11 Complex Scene
Maya V6.5 Simple Scene
Neko GIMP V2.2.8
Compiling Lynx
Movie Conversion 1
Movie Conversion 2
Audio Processing

Older Tests:

Inventor 3D (double-buff)
Application Startup Times
GIMP 1.0.4: Ripple
GIMP 1.0.4: Lava
GIMP 1.0.4: Circuit
6.2/6.5 Bootup Times
Installing Other 6.5 CDs
Installing IRIX 6.5
Installing IRIX 6.2
IRIX 6.x RAM Usage
CDROM Speed (6.5 Inst)
CDROM Large File Copy
CDROM Small Files Copy
Large File To DAT
Large File From DAT
Small Files To DAT
Small Files From DAT
Copy 6.5 Inst To DAT

Future Test Ideas